Eye Wrinkle Treatment

Periorbital wrinkles (around the eye) occur in the majority of people when smiling and squinting. They are also caused by the loss of facial volume or collagen. Most wrinkles start as fine lines and continue to grow over time. For patients with periorbital wrinkles, the solution is GLOSKIN Botox Cosmetics. The doctor will usually place GLOSKIN Botox Cosmetics about 2 milimeters from the edge of the orbital wrinkle.

The placement of GLOSKIN Botox Cosmetics in three or more points along the orbicularis oculi muscle (the muscle that surrounds the eye) makes the muscle relax and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. For deeper and more pronounced wrinkles we recommend the Gloskin Advanced Dermal Filler. The doctor will inject Gloskin Advanced Dermal Filler under the skin along the folds of the wrinkle.

Undereye Treatment

Frequently, hollows, wrinkles and folds form under the eye. This occurs because of the loss of volume and elastin around the eye lid and mid face. Treatments performed for this are GLOSKIN Botox Cosmetics, GLOSKIN Advanced Dermal Filler, GLOSKIN Derma Spring Eye, either alone or in a combination. High levels of skill and expertise are needed for these procedures. Our specialists will help you to get the maximum results.

Alternative treatments with instant results without the use of needles is the GLOSKIN Exilis Elite 2

Eyelid Treatment

The loss of collagen, elastin and the degeneration of bone structure can cause wrinkles, folds and even the appearance of sagging eyelids. There are a few procedures that can improve the appearance of the wrinkled upper eyelid. GLOSKIN Botox Cosmetics is usually used to lift the brow and eyelid. GLOSKIN Newton 4D Thread Lift can also be used to lift the brow and eyelid that have started to sag.


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