GLOSKIN CHIN FILLER : a safe and alternative chin treatment

Do you have a recessed chin ? Or do you want to improve the contour of your face to achieve a more streamlined look? For recessed or double chins sometimes we feel like we dont have the ideal chin shape we desire. Age also contributes to the shape or attractiveness of our chins. To correct the shape or make your chin appear thinner use the GLOSKIN Chin Filler. This treatment is just right for those patients who want a non surgical solution.


GLOSKIN Chin Filler is a treatment that shapes a v-shape formation on the chin using filler technology. Namely , hyaluronic acid is injected in the chin area. For this area it only takes one to two injections. For the first course of treatment, on average 1-2 cc of filler is used. Pain is minimized using a filler that contains lidocaine to create a temporary numbness on the area that is injected into, Thus reducing pain. After performing this procedure, the patient can immediately go back to regular activities. The GLOSKIN Chin Filler provides impressive results and can even improve the jawline.

For maximum results and effectiveness this treatment can be used in combination with GLOSKIN Botox Cosmetics.


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