Dark spots on the face frequntly are caused by more than just sun damage, but also because of our own bodies. Imbalanced hormones can cause dark spots. One way to remove dark spots on the face is with Lasers. This treatment is perfect for those looking for a safe, quick procedure to remove skin blemishes, rejuvenate and revitalize the skin.

In general, ordinary laser uses only two modes at one wavelength (single wavelength) so it takes a long time to treat pigment lies at varying skin depths, and laser toning is often ineffective in some patients.

GLOSKIN 4G technology Laser allows laser treatment for various indications / complaints:

1. Improve skin color and take care of melasma

2. epidermal pigmentation such as: frekles, lentigenes, café au L'ait

3. Remove dead skin cells

4. Minimize pores

5. Eliminate birthmark

6. Eliminate tattoo

7. Eliminate ABNOM aging and pigmentation

8. Disguise wrinkles and improve skin elasticity

To achieve maximum results, several stages of treatment are necessary. Usually 4-6 treatments are spaced at 2-4 weeks or as directed by a physician. Many people chose to return for touch treatment after initial treatment session ends.


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