GLOSKIN A-Line Injection is an injection procedure using natural active ingredients from plant extract (soy isoflavones Ferment, visnadine, and carnitine) which works on the cellular level as fat destroyer. it splits and dissolve fat cells through sweat and urine quickly.

GLOSKIN A-line Injection is also a non-surgical method with without pain and side effects from anesthesia. After this procedure one can return to work immediatley. Functions of other active ingrediens Escin, Algae Extract, Sophora Japonica Flower Extract are skin tightening, anti-inflammatory, and strengthen capillary walls of blood vessels.Bagian yang dapat dirawat antara lain:

  • Forearm fat line (Lemak di lengan)
  • Love handle Fat (Lemak di pinggul)
  • Abdominal fat (Lemak di perut)
  • Tight fat (Lemak paha)

Procedures should be performed once a week directly to the fat deposit.


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