GLOSKIN BOTOX® Cosmetics Is a very popular procedure used to tighten and reduce facial wrinkles. Botox is a natural purified protein that is injected in a couple of small points to make the wrinkle causing muscles become more relaxed.

Myths and facts about GLOSKIN BOTOX® Cosmetics

Myth : Botox makes the face mask like and expressionless.

Fact : Botox makes the face look younger and fresh when done by a trained doctor with the reccomended dosage.

How does it work?

Its very simple. The doctor will numb the injection area with an icepack or anesthetic cream, then inject the botox solution into the desired points. The entire process takes about ten minutes. GLOSKIN BOTOX® Cosmetics takes three days to start working and seven days for resuts to appear.

Does it hurt? Patients usually say it feels like a small ant bite.


Q: How long does GLOSKIN BOTOX® Cosmetics last?

A. 4-6 months

Q. does GLOSKIN BOTOX® Cosmetics cause excessive or worse looking wrinkles if I stop treatments?

A. No, the effect of GLOSKIN BOTOX® Cosmetics will fade over time and wrinkles will form normally.

Q. is GLOSKIN BOTOX® Cosmetics safe?

A. Very safe when handled by a trained doctor.

Post GLOSKIN Botox Cosmetics treatment:

1. Do not sleep supine four hours after botox

2. Do not bow your head for too long (> 30 seconds) eight hours after botox

3. Use all the muscles of facial expression (smiling)

4. Avoid consuming alcohol, antibiotics, and vitamin C for one week

5. Do not massage / facial for four weeks

6. use Cream after six hours


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