This Mesotherapy Anti-Aging formulation from Paris consists of 55 active ingredients that work to revitalize and hydrate the skin to the deepest layers. Helping with dull skin conditions, or reduced firmness on the face, neck, or backs of the hands. This treatment is the only anti-aging products to treat the cause and symptoms of aging.

Treatment Duration

Usually the treatment lasts between 15 minutes and 30 minutes depending on the condition of the treated skin surface area.

Phase 1 (intial) 4 sessions with 2 week interval

Phase 2 (Repair) 2 sessions with 1 month interval

Phase 3 (Maintenance) 1 sessions every 2-6 months

Patient results

Progressive changes in the treated skin, instant results can be seen since the first session. The result is more luminous skin, firm and tight. Facial skin also looks naturally younger.


• thorough treatment that targets the causes of skin aging and the consequences that arise as fine lines, wrinkles and folds in the skin.

• Practical, painless, the results can be seen immediately.

• The results look natural and progressive, without overcorrection.

• Can be used regularly and continuously.

• Can be combined with classical anti-aging treatment [PRP, filler, Botox, Peeling, or Laser]


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