To achive the perfect dream body,we have Gloskin Body Slim. This treatment uses a combination of procedures, including:


Ultra sound wave technology with a pressure of 40 Khz can split clumps of fat cells that can destroy a network of sub kutandapa fat (cellulite). The results are visible immediately after the treatment with a reduction in the circumference of the body up to 2-6 centimeters.

Radio Frequency Tri Polar Body and Face

The latest method is Tripolar RF which generates more heat in being able to activate collagen and stimulates new network that will help create fresher and younger skin, and burns fat as well as breaking down fat to produce a more satisfying body and face shape.

Skin that can be treated:

• The face (skin rejuvenation, tapering)

• Eye (eye bags, eliminate fine lines)

• The upper arm (tightening and cellulite reduction)

• Stomach (tighten, shrink and reduce cellulite)

• Breast (tighten)

• Buttocks

Bio Vacuum

Can help shrink the size of fat cells and reduce the apperance of cellulite. Helps To tighten the parts of skin that has lost its elasticity and helps burn fat as well as breaking down fat.


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