GLOSKIN Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is the newest generation of skincare with Light Emitting Diodes to improve acne prone skin, aging and sun damaged skin. It is very convenient and comfortable and doesn’t damage the skin. PDT is a treatment that uses a light source to activate skin repair. The result is an active oxygen molecule that can destroy damaged cells.

GLOSKIN PDT delivers red and blue light wavelengths with an appropriate strength to the skin, which stimulates the cell repair chain, eradicates unwanted microorganisms and establishes cellular processes

Red Light :

- has a positive impact of the process within cells

- Increases New Collagen and elastin fiber production

- Fix up the deepest skin layers

- Make the skin more radiant, firmer and more elastic

Blue light :

- Stimulates the formation of oxygen and wards off free radicals

- Destroys the bacteria that cause acne (Propionibacterium Acne)

- Rapidly improve the condition of redness and pimples with pus

- Does not cause irritation and skin damage

Red and Blue light are proven safe, effective for all skin types. It does not take time to recover, there are no side effects, non-invasive and no burning sensation. Doesn’t cause irritation and sensitivity to light, very comfortable and repairs damaged skin quickly.


Acne: Light Blue 10-30 minutes, 1x a week

Rejuvenation: Red Rays 5-15menit, 1x a week

Hair loss treatment: red light 15 minutes 1x a week, Red Rays 20 minutes 1x a week


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